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Perrie 'Tears' by Quentin Jones

Promonews - 10th July 2024

Perrie Edwards continues her post-Little Mix renaissance with a visually striking video directed by Quentin Jones. 

The complex, 1970s-influenced visual world created for Tears captures the raw emotion and vulnerability of the song, blending an ultra-glamorous nostalgic world with an enchanting performance by Perrie.

Jones brings Perrie's heartfelt lyrics to life through a bold combination of elements, including innovative animation, graphics, and intimate live-action shots. That creates a mesmerizing backdrop for the singer's soulful performance.

The video for Tears follows the acclaimed work by the SMUGGLER-signed director for Diet Coke featuring Kate Moss. "Perrie's initial brief for her video was to think about building a surreal world for the song to live in," she says. "And of course this is exactly what I love doing, so the ideas started flowing easily.

"What was really cool about Perrie and her team was that they fully trusted the vision even when it was hard to explain with words. And the even cooler thing about the project was there was room for creative exploration in the post stage, which takes a lot of trust from the label and artist's perspective, but allows me to do my best work.

"We lent into a reimagined version of the 70's, with glittering psychedelic rabbit holes, infinite pools of dancers, and a very colourful base street world to anchor it all. I fully animate and create the worlds that my videos live in, and it's a very intricate and layered process.

"Half of it comes down to careful planning and great production. Then the real magic comes from having all the pieces to the puzzle but being given creative freedom to use them in wild and weird ways, and some of this can't be planned at all.

"I am excited to share this piece, and show that the way I work can segue between reality and fantasy, and there isn't much that cannot work within these zones."

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Promonews - 10th July 2024


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Quentin Jones
Biba Thomas
Production Company
Executive Producer
Joel Spencer
Production Manager
1st AD
Ali Copland


Director of Photography
Jake Scott
Focus Puller
Sam Rawlings


Production designer
Marco Turcich


Stylist (Artist)
Jordan Kelsey
Hair & Make-up
Rebecca Doney
Hair (Artist)
Aaron Carlo
Make-up (Artist)
Cassie Lomas
Costume designer
Ellie Walker


Benjamin Johnson


Quentin Jones


Logan Triplett


Andi Chu
Colour Producer
George Blomily
Colour grade company


Post production company
Slip Studios
Post Producer
Helen Shope


Director's Representation


Michael Lewin
Sony Music

Promonews - 10th July 2024

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