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Rita Ora 'Ask & You Shall Receive' by Dano Cerny

Rob Ulitski - 12th June 2024

Rita Ora demands the attention of the local laundromat customers with some provocative and frankly ridiculous behaviour in Dano Cerny's utterly fabulous promo for Ask & You Shall Receive.

In fact, Rita's unabashed showing off - which starts with a double-take moment when we wonder if she's naked under her jacket (spoiler: no its just her nude-colour underwear), and continues with her crawling in and out of washing machine and dryer drums - has a higher purpose, as we discover the locals are not just laundering their clothes.

With big dance moments, slick styling and glossy makeup looks, this ticks the boxes to accompany Rita's return with a big upbeat summer track, and then it takes it up a couple of notches. Dano Cerny provides a marvellous cinematic setting for Ora to parade all the talents we know about, and more - like a talent for physical comedy.

The fact that her husband, the director Taika Waititi eventually puts in a cameo appearance, also confirms his involvement in the project, heralding an exciting new chapter for the singer. It's all about the entertainment - and Rita delivers.

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Rob Ulitski - 12th June 2024


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Dano Cerny
Ellis Fox
Production Company
Production Company
Glia Productions
Executive Producer
Evan Brown
Executive Producer
Sofie Wars
Production Manager
Jack Birchler


Director of Photography
Jon Chema
Focus Puller
Erick Aguilar


Marlon O'brien


Jen Kennedy


Director's Representation


Faye Purcell

Rob Ulitski - 12th June 2024

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