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Family Stereo 'I Knew I Loved You Then!' by Harry Richards

Rob Ulitski - 25th Apr 2024

Harry Richards directs an understated promo for Family Stereo. 

The video for I Knew I Loved You Then! features an intimate gig which unfolds in the imagined living room of Blake Watt, Family Stereo's singer-songwriter. Watt plays the roadie, setting up the equipment for his friends to play. Initially alienated and withdrawn, his character ultimately finds connection in this moving film.

Shot from a single perspective, it's a meditative, relaxed visual which reflects the dreamy soundscapes in the track. 

“When Blake first sent me I Knew I Loved You Then!, I was immediately drawn to the song’s mesmerising vocals, beautiful instrumentation and rich sonic texture," says Richards.

"It felt important to let the song breathe, so we kept the video concept simple. Using the same camera setup throughout the video pushed us to really focus on how each frame would advance the story.

“Instead of cutting to close ups, we chose to remain in a wide angle and used careful blocking to depict Blake’s character’s disconnection from the space and people around him. As the room swells and empties with partygoers, the emotion of the song builds to a climax, then slips away again.”

Family Stereo's Blake Watt adds: “Working alongside Harry on the video was simply a joy. He knew exactly the right direction to give to actors and crew alike. The final product is a perfect visual representation of what I hope to achieve through my music.”

Rob Ulitski - 25th Apr 2024


  • New Director
  • Narrative
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Performance
  • Intimate
  • Gig
  • Living Room
  • Dreamy

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Harry Richards
Harry Richards
Production Company
Executive Producer
Liam Wallace-Cook
Production Assistant
Clemmie Pollard; Runner


Director of Photography
Anand Singh
Focus Puller
Jay Whylie


Jay Whylie


Fergus Hughes


Dan Beddoe

Rob Ulitski - 25th Apr 2024

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