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Ella More 'At What Cost' by Alex Joss Thompson

Rob Ulitski - 6th Feb 2024

Alex Joss Thompson directs a poignant promo for neo-soul songstress Ella More. 

The video for At What Cost is a thoughtful meditation on the end of relationships, and the emotional turmoil that comes with such a vulnerable period. 

Anchored by beautiful performances and striking locations, the video presents a universal emotion in an intimate, personal way, and is a great complement to the lilting track.

"The concept for this video revolves around the willingness to sacrifice long-term healing for short-term relief," says Alex Joss Thompson. 

"Ella spoke of when she'd had her heart broken and the physical pain that came with that. How in that moment she would’ve given anything to put a pause on it all and ease the withdrawal by spending one more night together, despite knowing and not caring that it was probably the worst decision she could make at the time.

"As the director I also wanted to show the complexities of a relationship and how over time the smallest of moments can lead to it's eventual end. I wanted to show how both parties can play a part in the demise of a relationship and how even though it may be one person bringing it to an end, it doesn't take away from the personal pain they feel when deciding to finally walk away.

"This was all further conceptualised by the scenes on the beach that represent the inner thoughts of Ella's mind, how she searches and longs for the memory of that person and even when she does eventually find that memory it can just as quickly dissipate into reality."

Rob Ulitski - 6th Feb 2024


  • Director's notes
  • New Director
  • Performance
  • Narrative
  • Emotion
  • Relationship
  • Yearning
  • Wistful

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Alex Joss Thompson
Idris Green-holder
1st AD
Callum Vidgen


Director of Photography
Richard Dunton
Focus Puller
Adam Cady
2nd AC
Billy Harden


Adam Trz
Kenneth Liew


Production designer
Shannon Prince


Lily Simmonds


Lead actor
Alfayd Raji


Mossie Cassidy


Charles Brown

Rob Ulitski - 6th Feb 2024

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