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Porij 'My Only Love' by Maxi Mclachlan

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Jan 2024

Maxi McLachlan directs an emotional montage of loving moments in their new promo for Manchester rave-pop outfit Porij, featuring lead singer Egg Moore. 

The video for My Only Love contains a mixture of DV footage, photography and subtle effects, with charming and clever transitions between the different formats. The result is a video that is both fast-moving and heartwarming, riffing on how  images capture moments and fuel memories and emotions.

It's a lovely video for a lovely track, packed full of dreamlike energy - and McLachlan has created created a real 'how did they do that?' aspect with the transitions, as a result of their smart planning ahead of the shoot.

"Once I stopped my emotional head-bobbing to this absolute corker of a beat, I started really listening to Egg’s lyrics and discovered this is a love song that focuses on the evanescent nature of our emotions," McLachlan explains. "Love is potent and all-consuming but often exists in sparks, moments between us that are special but inherently fleeting.

"This sounds like a real downer but I think that’s what makes it magic. I became really interested in how photos evoke this, we take them to literally attempt to capture a moment so we can look at it again, even hold it. I came up with the idea that I wanted to show Egg travelling between snapshots of love between real couples, friends and lovers, jumping in and out of photos.

"We had a pretty small budget, so Samuel (my DP) and I spent several days running around London with a DV camera filming lovely friends that volunteered to be in the video. We didn’t have any specific plan, we just wanted to film real moments in a documentary style. Then we had to rapidly select some of our favourite frames and send them off to the printers - who hated me after I sent them over 300 frames to be printed ASAP - ahead of our studio shoot the following Monday.

"I didn’t want the video to be cynical at all. There’s plenty of work exploring our photo-taking obsession, especially in the age of smartphones. I wanted this to just celebrate the joys our modern access to cameras can bring us. My hope is that it gives anyone that watches it a nostalgic, fuzzy feeling and makes them remember some special people. Lord knows there were plenty of them involved in the making of this!"

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Jan 2024


  • Director's notes
  • VFX
  • Alt-Pop
  • Performance
  • photography
  • DV
  • Transition
  • Friendship
  • Documentary

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Maxi Mclachlan
Maxi Mclachlan
1st AD
Matt Chandler
Tatiana Moody


Director of Photography
Sam Donvito
Focus Puller
Owen Diplock
2nd AC
Will Marchant


Meg Sharpe


Art Director
Emilia Mendez


Maxi Mclachlan


Roisin Page
Pias / Play It Again Sam

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Jan 2024

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