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Steven Wilson 'Economies Of Scale' by Charlie Di Placido

Rob Ulitski - 5th Sept 2023

Charlie Di Placido demonstrates his command of shooting dance performance, with an absorbing promo for Steven Wilson. 

Following the exceptional longform project for Jungle's new album Volcano, the video for Wilson's Economies Of Scale plays to Di Placido's strengths in choreographed concepts and awe-inspiring one-takes, and boasts an elevated, emotional experience from the first frame, featuring powerful performances from the two dancers, Sasha Shadid and Salomé Pressac. 

The concept was centred around the album artwork, and builds on it in an enigmatic, completely captivating way - as Di Placido explains. 

"One of my favourite videos of the year," he says. "It's always such a privilege when an artist has the bravery to give you such scope in terms of how you approach a visual and to allow me to hero these incredible dancers.

"Sasha Shadid and Salomé Pressac gave such inspired performances and the end result is a real moment in time captured. I wanted to play with the audience expectations on who these characters are and their roles in the Economies of Scale within society, as it were.

"The object which is based around the album artwork is a mystical force which has had a profound effect on our 'business man' played by Sasha. He struggles with it as it forces him to question his place within our narrative in the hall of this grand old building.

"The nature of the location and small nods in the art direction, a discarded red briefcase, are there to gently guide the viewer to what might be at play here. Sasha is being forced to confront his role within a system which is not in line with his true spirit.

"Salomé's character goes through a mini three part metamorphosis as she watches Sasha's opening freestyle before she takes center stage. These are comments on how women are forced to represent themselves within society. Her final form, her true self is bare footed, almost feral and she's made an outfit out of business men's ties.

"Sasha & Salomé come together as they are both overcome with a deep longing for the freedom this object provides. The final message 'All Times Leaves Is Me And You' ties back into Steven's original brief for what this song means, namely that your personal connections and the love you have for you nearest and dearest should supercede any attempt to win a rat race because they're the only thing that is real."

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Rob Ulitski - 5th Sept 2023


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Charlie Di Placido
Rowan Macintosh King
Production Company
Contentus Maximus
Executive Producer
Matthew Craig
Production Manager
Maddy Williams
1st AD
Oli Hill
2nd AD
Tyler Richards
Krishita Desai, Alisha Harrison


Director of Photography
Brandon Quan 
Focus Puller
Max Tuite
2nd AC
Dan Howe
Ben Eeley
Camera Trainee
Calvin Bandi


Conrad Russell
Brody Pugsley


Production designer
Katie South
Art Assistant
Leelah McEvoy


Pili Mateos
Yazmin Khan


Lead Dancer
Sasha Hadid
Lead Dancer
Salomé Pressac


Charlie Di Placido


Alex Gregory
Colour grade company


Director's Representation



Rob Ulitski - 5th Sept 2023

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