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Junodream 'The Beach' by Ned Botwood

Promonews - 5th Sept 2023

In this eerie, sensory video for Junodream, director Ned Botwood imagines ‘a day at the beach’ with the lights turned out.

The video for The Beach is a languid montage of lunar beach scenes. Sand, swimmers, sunbathers, dogs and dust are all incongruously reframed at nighttime. Anonymous characters stare at the horizon, waiting for the wind to change. 

Making stark use of negative space and roaming spotlights, cameraman Joseph Dunn shoots the beach like a dreamy moonscape. This is emphasised by a silvery colour grade by Ruth Wardell at Time Based Arts. Echoes of Radiohead's Street Spirit, in fact, and the song happens to be a catchy indie rock anthem in the mould of that 90s classic.

“I try not to stay at the beach after the sun’s gone down - It’s too eerie for me," admits Botwood. "Once the tourists go home, it’s just flat land, heat, bugs, wind and darkness. There’s so little visual context, you might as well be on the moon. We wanted to imagine what a beach looks like to someone who can only remember little dark parts of it.

“I really really have to thank Joseph Dunn and his camera team, Kevin Corry and The Assembly Rooms, and Ruth Wardell and Time Based Arts, who were all so generous lending their skill to such a tiny project!”

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Promonews - 5th Sept 2023


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Ned Botwood
Ben Carey
Production Company
Executive Producer
Georgina Fillmore
Executive Producer
Saskia Whinney
Executive Producer
Andre Reid-McKinley
1st AD
Sam Baker


Director of Photography
Joseph Dunn
1st AC
Tom Clapson
Ivan Wood


Paul Brennan
Mark Brennan & Michael Salaga
Spark Trainee
Maximilian Uroda


Production designer
Kitty Sutton


Arlo O'Callaghan, Ola Adediji, Louis Kumar Maharajh, Mariana Seygas, Anushka Yeramilla-Rao, Talia Rae, Nicholas Donaldson Wood, Plum O’Keefe, Sven Ironside, Alex Bishop, Florence Kickham, Ru the Dog


Kevin Corry
Editing company
The Assembly Rooms


Ruth Wardell
Colour Producer
Dan Kreeger
Colour grade company
Time Based Arts
Colour Assist
Tom Matthews, Esther Woodbridge


Post Producer
Phoebe Armstrong-Beaver

Other credits

Special Thanks

Tim Nash, Sally Campbell, Stephanie Walton, Kayleigh Leeson, Chris Watling, Roxanne Ogilvy Watson, Tash, Clare, Jane and John

Promonews - 5th Sept 2023

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