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Puma Blue 'Dream Of You' by Sarah Dattani Tucker

Rob Ulitski - 28th July 2023

Sarah Dattani Tucker directs an atmospheric video for Puma Blue which sees the artist - real name Jacob Allen - running away from a mysterious force.

The gritty monochromatic promo for Dream Of You is captured in a single shot, filmed at dusk, from a low angle body rig attached to Allen as he moves across a beach, attempting to evade this force. And it turns out with good reason: when the silhouetted character finally catches up with him, we realise he is in the unmistakeable clutch of Death. 

It's a stirring vision, and one that comes with a lot of subtext to unpack. Whilst the details of what are going on are left quite abstract, the overall concept explores acceptance in a beautifully rich way. 

"Jacob had this idea about running away from Death until Death eventually catches up with him," says Sarah Dattani Tucker. "I wanted to create a visual that evokes a dreaminess in the narrative and the song. The angle, rig and frame-rate we chose to capture the running were all designed to create a sense of lucid dreaming, a consciousness in a dream state, forcing a movement that feels slow and unavailable.

"The moment the camera spins around Jacob is an exploration of this dreamlike environment, adding unexpected movement in the one shot video to capture the surreal-ness of it - like in Enter The Void when the camera POV almost becomes its own character."

"This is one of my favourite videos we’ve ever done," says Allen. "I’m always trying to say more with less, but it’s much harder in practice than in theory. Working with Sarah and her team was such a positive experience, everyone was so sweet to each other during this tempestuous, coastal downpour as we were losing light and Mia Gill chased me up and down the grey dunes as Death.

"This video hurt a lot. Physically, the rig was heavy enough that I had bruises on my ribs and sides the next day; everyone was shivering and soaked through by the end of the night. But I also experienced a painful loss when I returned home, and seeing the video back for the first time brought me to tears. It was almost too real."

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Rob Ulitski - 28th July 2023


  • Director's notes
  • New Director
  • Alternative
  • Performance
  • Rig
  • Body Rig
  • Death
  • Acceptance
  • Beach

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Sarah Dattani Tucker
Tom Ringsby
Production Company
Ciaran Walker


Director of Photography
Gordon Wong


Key Grip
Miles Young


Lead actor
Mia Gill


Adam Clarke

Rob Ulitski - 28th July 2023

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