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Bakar 'Alive!' by rubberband.

Rob Ulitski - 5th July 2023

Director duo Simon Davis and Jason Sondock - aka rubberband. - craft a bold and daring video for Bakar where the British alt-soul artist literally stops the traffic in the middle of Piccadilly Circus.

The video for Alive! begins at this iconic British location, where curious onlookers are transfixed by the car that has stopped, holding up all the traffic behind on a rain-sodden day in central London. And then Bakar emerges, abandoning the vehicle, astonishingly, to begin an expressive performance of the song - choreographed by C Prinz - and escaping into the street. 

It's an ambitious concept, to say the least, and represents the themes of breaking free and challenging boundaries, whilst encouraging viewers to embrace their true selves and celebrate the joy that comes from taking risks and expressing one's individuality.

The candid camerawork adds a DIY sensibility to the promo, echoing the online aesthetic of YouTube prank videos, whilst a focus on reactions - most of which are less than enthusiastic - helps solidify the message of the concept. 

Alive! is about the freedom and self expression, and what that means in the context of a greater whole.

“Alive! was an extraordinary experience in every way," declare rubberband. "Working with an artist as brave and creative Bakar is the sort of collaboration you dream of but rarely find.

"The idea for the video was simple, abandon a car in the middle of Piccadilly Circus during rush hour and
perform the song. This was done for real. Alive! is about the freedom and self expression, and what that
means in the context of a greater whole. To stand in front of a sea of faces and attempt to feel Alive.”

Brilliant work and a very memorable promo indeed.

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Rob Ulitski - 5th July 2023


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  • Experimental
  • Indie Rock
  • Performance
  • Defiant
  • Public
  • Confusion
  • Candid
  • London
  • Piccadilly Circus

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Theo Hue Williams
Production Company
Executive Producer
Elizabeth Doonan
1st AD
Ty Hack
Production Assistants
Georgie Dale, Maggie Curwin
2nd ad
Rowan Hutchings @rowanhutchings
Kelland Thomas-Smith, Jasmine Clark, Melanie Barbieri, Mia Walton
Juliette Duffy


Director of Photography
Patrick Golan
1st AC
Barney Batchelor
1st AC
Chris Starkey
2nd acs
William Crafts, Lea Aubigne
Ant Belle
rig ac
Rachel Wood, Zoe Fayaud
camera ops
Jomar O'Meally, Jason Sondock, Juanjo Salazar, Owain Morgan


Katherine Fu


C Prinz

Rob Ulitski - 5th July 2023

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