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El Perro 'Call Me When You're Home' & 'Let Me Think That Again' by Hora Bolz

Rob Ulitski - 13th Mar 2023

Hora Bolz directs an impressive music film for El Perro, consisting of visuals for the tracks Call Me When You're Home and Let Me Think That Again.

Filmed in southern Spain, the concept is a surrealist twist to the classic Sword Of Damocles story: a couple of outlaws whose life is controlled by destiny and anxiety have to make a decision, to help them understand the true definition of their relationship.

"The idea for this came hand-in-hand with the location," explains Bolz. "It was really important for me to create a world that felt realistic enough so the surreal elements in it felt authentic. Like when you wake up from a dream, and you need to take a moment to understand what’s going on.

"For me, the best part when watching a movie - or any art piece - is the interpretation. That’s why I wanted this music video to be like a riddle. It had to be fun for you to decipher, and for me to see what you’ve found."

DoP Benjamin Cotgrove adds that the video was shot in extremely testing conditions. "We ended up shooting at the height of summer during 40 degree celsius heat - at times the sun was pretty unbearable," he says. "I knew shooting on 16mm the stock wouldn’t miss a beat and even with our schedule forcing us to shoot when the sun was high noon, film helped to balance the crude, raw sun on the face of our cast.

"We had an incredible local crew who were not unfamiliar with these conditions and knew exactly how to support us through this: keep a cooler bag ready for the film."

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Rob Ulitski - 13th Mar 2023


  • Desert
  • Spain
  • Dream
  • Abstract
  • Narrative
  • Riddle

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Hora Bolz
Pilar Muro
Production Company
Executive Producer
Wojtek Skiba
Production Manager
Cecilia Lozano Sedeño
Co Director
Edward Heredia


Director of Photography
Ben Cotgrove
Focus Puller
Antonio Gonzalez Albalate
2nd AC
Marina Caraza Ventura
Film Lab


Pivot Garcia
Key Grip
Alejandro Martinez Romero
Key Grip
Hugo Lopez Alonso
Gonzalo Manresa Moreno


Art Director
Carolina Comas Garcia


Casting director
Pilar Muro
Casting director
Hora Bolz
Lead actor
Paula Sancho
Lead actor
Gringo Mclennon


Hora Bolz
Edward Heredia


Colour Producer
Olivia Jessop
Megan Lee
Colour grade company
Electric Theatre Company


Jakob Thorhallson
Hora Bolz
Sound Design
Alejandro Lovera

Rob Ulitski - 13th Mar 2023

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