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Neue Grafik X Brother Portrait X Xungo 'Black' by Jacek Zmarz

Rob Ulitski - 27th Feb 2023

Jacek Zmarz directs a high-energy promo for Neue Grafik X Brother Portrait X Xungo.

The video for Black is a textural, multi-layered affair, splicing mesmerising vignettes and projected backgrounds together in a dynamic way. Stirring and engaging, it's a video that demands your attention and pulls you into the ethereal dreamworld on-screen.

"I was really keen to have a performance that captured the track's raw energy," says Zmarz. "As we were filming mostly at Total Refreshment Centre - where the track was recorded - projection felt like the right way to go about it.

"I wanted to take that tight space to somewhere more abstract and intense. Try to visually capture the intensity of recording such a powerful and what feels like a personal piece of music. Using light, we were trying to visually claw at the song's central themes, with silhouettes and shadows creating a multi-faceted space for echoes of the word 'black'."


Rob Ulitski - 27th Feb 2023


  • Performance
  • Projection
  • Total Refreshment Centre
  • ethereal
  • Lighting
  • Abstract

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Jacek Zmarz
Pilar Muro
Production Company
Executive Producer
Pilar Muro
Production Manager
Liza Lewis
Production Assistant
Gabriela Ardiles, Lucinda Duarte-Holman


Director of Photography
Owain E. Morgan


Jack Taylor-gotch


Jacek Zmarz
Editing company
Tentacle Post


John O’Riordan
Colour grade company
Pundersons Gardens

Rob Ulitski - 27th Feb 2023

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