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DITZ 'Summer Of The Shark' by Pedro Takahashi

Rob Ulitski - 28th Nov 2022

Pedro Takahashi directs a visually striking promo for Brighton indie-rockers DITZ. 

The video for Summer Of The Shark explores the commodification of tragedy and violence within the context of the media, and uses experimental angles and clever editing to elevate the performance footage.

Bold and inspired, the video is anchored by punchy performances and engaging vignettes, which blur the line between what we see and the truth of the situation. 

"I wanted to address how opposing news outlets can portray the same story from different angles," Takahashi explains. "How we consume information is highly subjective and how it filters through to us depends largely on the institution recounting it.

"By using multiple cameras to shoot the same actions I wanted to explore these ideas in a playful and aesthetically interesting way." 


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Rob Ulitski - 28th Nov 2022


  • Director's notes
  • Performance
  • Vignette
  • Experimentation
  • Violence
  • Media
  • multi-camera

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Production Assistant
Oliver Howkins


Director of Photography
Focus Puller
James Lahaise
Camera Trainee
Mladen Marinkovic


Colour Producer
Oliver Whitworth
Connor Coolbear
Colour grade company

Rob Ulitski - 28th Nov 2022

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