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InTechnicolour 'The Wave' by Ali Gill

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Sept 2022

Ali Gill directs a twisted comedy for InTechnicolour, drawn from the parable of The Scorpion & The Frog . 

The video for The Wave is a human adaptation of the said parable, and follows a parasitic teenager who persuades a stranger to carry him to his destination - and the subsequent events that unfold between them that day.

Brilliantly weird and offbeat, it's a video that lingers after watching it, and owes a huge amount to the creative concept and the top-notch performances.

"It was important for the video to have this uncanny, deadpan tone," says Gill. "A lot of this came from the performance: we experimented a lot before shooting on what might be the most abnormal - and almost disturbing - method of carrying another human, which is present in most of the shots of the video.

"I wanted to capture the oddity of the actors in quite a composed and dispassionate manner - the video comprising largely of static wides. We were often shooting from afar on long lenses, with the actors performing amongst the public. Perhaps characteristic of South London, the sight of a man being dragged across the pavement caused no one to bat an eye. I love that."


Rob Ulitski - 2nd Sept 2022


  • Comedy
  • Director's notes
  • Narrative
  • Rock
  • offbeat
  • weird
  • South London
  • Public
  • The Scorpion & The Frog

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Ali Gill
Ali Gill
Production Company
1st AD
Fleur Adderley


Director of Photography
Mads Junker
Focus Puller
Jack Perry


Prop Design/Construction
Jake Martin, Matilda Greenwood


Colour Producer
Dan Kreeger
Max Ferguson-Hook
Colour grade company
Time Based Arts


Small Pond Recordings

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Sept 2022

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