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MK, BURNS ft Teddy Swims 'Better' by Ganna Bogdan

Rob Ulitski - 8th Aug 2022

Things could not be going any worse for a young woman in Ganna Bogdan's video for Better - until her guardian angels arrive, in the form of MK, BURNS and Teddy Swims.

On a night out in a desolate place, a bad phone call is followed by her vehicle not starting. And then... her handbag is stolen. But as she loses hope, the artists return with the bag - like superheroes. And then the girl and the band set out on an adventure across the city. 

The video features captivating mixed media within the environment, projecting performance vignettes onto the textural landscape, and the whole concept has a celebratory, hopeful vibe at the centre. 

Ganna Bogdan says the story was inspired by personal experience. "I used to own a vintage Mercedes that I loved so much, but it used to break down in the most stressful situations, and every time it made me feel like I am about to lose it," explains the director.  

"I have my Ukrainian friends here who are always down to help me with my car problems. My friends used to come and save me and we would play music while my car was getting towed. My car would break down once a month till the point I finally get rid of it. But my friends used to cheer me up every time. It made me feel better in the most stressful situations.”

Rob Ulitski - 8th Aug 2022


  • Director's notes
  • New Director
  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • Performance
  • Thief
  • Car
  • Narrative
  • cityscape
  • collaboration

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Ganna Bogdan
Misha Zvagilskiy
Production Company
Golden Ratio
Production Company
Ammolite Studios
Production Manager
Anastasia Naumova


Director of Photography
Artur Gubin
Focus Puller
Samuel Emerson Morgan
2nd AC
Hailey Enge


Austin Michaels
Key Grip
Alex Laudeman


Make-up & Hair
Terezka Fraz


Yuriy Karikh 

Rob Ulitski - 8th Aug 2022

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