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Léa Sen 'Hyasynth' by Denisha Anderson

Promonews - 8th Feb 2022

Denisha Anderson has teamed up with the London-based up and coming artist Léa Sen for her debut single Hyasynth, and created a video which explores the singer's state of mind via the device of a triptych. 

Anderson dramatises Sen's domestic life in a studio setting, capturing commonplace moments of her day from different angles and altering timelines, as Sen performs the song - and prepares for an evening with friends. There is also a meditative and melancholic mood at play, as the excitment and comfort of a party atmosphere dissipates. It becomes clear that the singer is preparing to leave the space.

Anderson's visual reflects the song, which is about Léa Sen's journey from her home on the outskirts of Paris to London - where she has established herself as one of the capital’s most in-demand talents, from her vocal features for Joy Orbison to solo work that references everything from Bon Iver’s electronic timbre and folk guitars to Sampha’s impressionistic lyricism.

“In a way, I ran away from certain things," says Sen. "In another way I also made the first step into growing into the person I really wanted to be. Sometimes I feel like my past mistakes haunt me, that’s what I felt making this song. It’s about wanting to grow and handle life with more wisdom.”

For the video, Denisha Anderson says she drew inspiration from influential British artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien. “I knew a triptych would be a great concept for this song as I wanted to create a visual that demanded your attention over and over again," she says.

"Being back with my dream team - my DoP, set designer, stylist and editor - immediately gave me the confidence to pull this off as they all were very clear in how I envisioned it and as always, the whole crew delivered in abundance.

"Every element of this video demanded a lot from each HOD. Firstly, the lighting I wanted was very specific, as it acts as an arc as we drift into different time periods throughout each scene. Followed by set design, I wanted to create a space with objects familiar with it still feeling surreal i.e being in the studio. Finally, the edit, the flow of each scene was integral and it was essentially 3 videos in one, whoopsie!

"Working with Léa was the icing on the cake. She was professional, a great performer and a warm character throughout the day and I feel so privileged to be a part of her new musical journey by having the opportunity to direct her first music video."

Léa adds: “Denisha came up with that idea of the triptych to express the complexity of my disconnect from my loved ones when I decided to leave for London a few years back. I thought it was just a brilliant idea and it turned out even more gorgeous than I expected. I’m also grateful for my friends that came on set and had a dance with me, it was exactly what I needed!”

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Promonews - 8th Feb 2022


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Denisha Anderson
Eleri Evans
Production Company
Executive Producer
Sorcha Shepherd
Executive Producer
Eleri Evans
Production Manager
Sachin Chande
1st AD
Joe Mulvihill
Phoebe Mulvihill


Director of Photography
Jed Darlington-Roberts
Focus Puller
Stephen Ofori
2nd AC
Scarlett Gardner
Camera trainee
Joe Rowe


Jorge Higgins
Dax Sharkley


Production designer
Rose Moya
Art Dept assistants
Jade Rache, Emily Murayama


Britini Campbell
Sofia Paradis


Sarah Betts, Dechie Couston, Demae, Richie Seivwright


Menelik Simpson


Ollie Thompson
Colour grade company


Partisan Records

Promonews - 8th Feb 2022

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