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Lava La Rue 'Vest & Boxers' by Bedroom

Promonews - 31st Jan 2022

Beetlejuice meets Scooby Doo with a mix of John Waters, as Bedroom bring trippy fun to singer Lava La Rue's date night in the video for bouncy single Vest & Boxers.

Lava is looking for Ms Right and her anxious attempts at finding romance is a brilliantly cartoonish adventure in the hands of the directing duo, from the blood-dripping animated titles to the endlessly colourful and exciting art direction and styling, to the wonderfully saturated and textured cinematography. 

Lava herself emerges as a terrific foil for Bedroom's twisted and slightly surreal pop vision, running through a variety of emotions (and outfits) as she seemingly finds her dream girl - and also performing as her inner voice: the girl in the vest and boxers, camouflaged against the stripey backdrop. 

If they are not already rather wacky, then things get even weirder and surreal: her dining table becomes possessed - and another girl pops up on the scene. This all adds up to a tasty gumbo of a video, complimenting the catchy moody guitar driven track with it’s hard to resist charm and smooth vocals. Really cool.

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Promonews - 31st Jan 2022


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Production Company
Executive Producer
Kiran Mandla
1st AD
Dani Castro Garcia
Production Runner
Gabriela Velasco, Jieanne Marie Parungao


Director of Photography
Billy Kendall
Focus Puller
Fabio Olgiati


Charlie Relph
Alice Ball, Louis Johnson


Production designer
Rose Moya
Art Assistant
Eddie Amos
Art Trainee
Yaz Alhanfif


Stylist (Artist)
Charlotte Moss
Stylist (Cast)
Beanie Stolper
Hair (Artist)
Sam Koroma
Make-up (Artist)
Echo Seireeni
Make-up (Cast)
Eliza Clarke
Assistant Stylist (Cast)
Sophia Lund
Body Painting
Rose Moya, Echo Seireeni


Girl 1
Abi Asisa
Girl 2
Saffron Mcleod


Director's Representation
Lee Fairweather


Clapper Loader
Lluc Mestre Mas
Clapper Loader
Niels Halle

Promonews - 31st Jan 2022

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