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Model Man ft Hamzaa 'Don't Cry' by Theo Watkins

Rob Ulitski - 29th Nov 2021

Theo Watkins directs an expressive promo for Model Man featuring Hamzaa. 

The video follows main character Joshua Ben-Tovim as he trudges through his daily routine. He waters plants, makes toast, and prepares ready meals in a series of mundane vignettes. 

Spliced between these setups however, are frames of Ben-Tovim performing passionate dance movements, glitching in and out like a technical error. At the midpoint, the character is afforded the chance to perform and live out this dance fantasy, bringing a sense of calm and stillness to his day.

It's weirdly satisfying making someone who’s trained in ballet... to stand still most of the day.

"The idea for this video stemmed from melding a character's mundane, everyday routine with mad and expressive dance elements, representing a character's authentic self bubbling up to the surface, through the mire of everyday life," explains Watkins.

"It was my first ever dance video, so it felt like a good idea to keep the main routine confined to a specific part of the song, with the rest relying on stillness, composition and deadpan humour, with hints of dance bursting through in mere frames at a time.

"There was something strange and weirdly satisfying about making someone who’s trained in to a high level ballet and contemporary dance stand still for most of the day.

"Overall we took a lot of inspiration from a 70’s look, seeking to style the video in a slightly anachronistic manner and create a mysterious, dystopian world of beige and browns for our single character to inhabit."

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Rob Ulitski - 29th Nov 2021


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Theo Watkins
Matthew Sterling


Director of Photography
Jamie Harding


James Copplestone Farmer


Art Director
Lois Bryant


Livvy Nash


Lead actor
Joshua Ben-Tovim


Megan Lee


Post production company


Director's Representation

Other credits

Special Thanks

Olly Cane And Alana Barnett

Rob Ulitski - 29th Nov 2021

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