Rob Ulitski - 8th Oct 2021

Bristol-based director Matt Harris-Freeth delivers a playful and surreal one-shot video for Orlando Weeks’ Look Who’s Talking Now.

Filled with visual trickery and floating red balls, the camera rotates around a room full of pillars, as multiple figures weave in and out of the space.

Tied together with a timeless nostalgic aesthetic, the video is a love letter to the MTV era, and an exciting new direction for Orlando Weeks' aesthetic. 

Glitchy VFX add an extra layer of texture and experimentation, and elevate the whimsical nature of the piece.


Orlando wanted a sense of joy and wonder, movement, and timelessness.

“I’ve wanted to work with Orlando for years and LWTN is the type of music video I’ve always wanted to make – one that plays with movement, colour and form - and so this was a really exciting project to direct on a number of levels.

"Orlando had some clear ideas that we developed, most notably that there should be a sense of joy and wonder, movement, and timelessness. We discussed a range of references from Eadweard Muybridge’s photography, Andy Warhol, Talking Heads’ videos, and Michel Gondry’s work. It was important for me to create a feeling of comforting familiarity but for the video to still be very much its own thing.”

“We had to adapt pretty quickly to hit the deadline. I’d been experimenting with doing motion control on a budget and I thought this would be the perfect solution to retain all the key elements and references. Quite a bit of testing and maths went into getting the motion control to do what I wanted it to, and it was a time-consuming process bringing all the elements together in post. Hopefully though none of that is noticeable.

"More than any video I’ve made this was one that evolved. Importantly, I think it still retains all the key elements we set out to include and by being open to adapt, I feel we discovered what the video wanted to be.”


DirectorMatt Harris-Freeth
ProducerOliver Kendall
Production CompanyRobot Dinosaur
Director of PhotographyTom German
GafferJack Lilley
EditorMatt Harris-Freeth
ColouristHannah Squires
Grading companyDan Moran Colour
VFXMatt Harris-freeth, Pedro Márquez

Rob Ulitski - 8th Oct 2021

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