Rob Ulitski - 9th Aug 2021

Curse Of Lono vocalist Felix Bechtolsheimer goes on a journey of rediscovery, in Gregg Houston's thought-provoking promo for Let Your Love Rain Down On Me. 

The abstract narrative unfolds slowly across the three and a half minute runtime, and leaves plenty of room for interpretation. Bechtolsheimer is shown digging something up and taking it to a new destination, but this is all that is given away. 

The slick cinematography, paired with gritty film textures and a lonely nighttime setting, create an otherworldy vibe throughout the video, which feels as if it could be in a parallel world or somewhere not quite anchored in our reality.


Life has felt so serious... this has actually freed me up and made me escape into the videos.

"The band and I worked together frequently over their last album campaign and this marks the beginning of a new one. This video finds the lead singer in an ambiguous scenario that can be interpreted many ways.

"Life has been a head-melt over the last while, and some days I feel like I don't have any idea what I am doing or why I am spending my life doing what I am doing. Many people I know have been in the same headspace. This has come through in my music video work over the last three projects. They have all been done with a barebone crew of me and one or two other people.

"This has it's own major stresses of course, but I have really liked almost resetting my approach and returning to how I did things when I was first starting out with music videos. Rediscovering what I like about them! Life has felt so serious recently with a bombardment of things to worry about, so this has actually freed me up and made me escape into the videos.

I like the idea that... [Felix] is rediscovering an element of himself that was missing.

"There has been an almost sci-fi like element in the work recently. And although my work falls far short of his, I would attribute that to my love of Tyler T. Williams' incredible work which also introduced me to numerous bands I adore. Add to that a desire to just want to try something different and that is where my head is at! This feels like a therapy session which is no bad thing.

"In the video we see Felix digging something up and taking it somewhere. This can all be interpreted anyway that suits the viewer. I like the idea that it is his love of something. He is rediscovering an element of himself that was missing and he is taking to somewhere to give to someone. That certainly wasn't set in stone when it was shot but writing it feels very apt."

PRO Credits


DirectorGregg Houston
Production CompanyBabysweet
1st ADMatt Rozier
Director of PhotographyGregg Houston
GafferMatt Rozier
LabelSubmarine Cat Records

Rob Ulitski - 9th Aug 2021

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