Promonews - 19th July 2021

Blinkink director, metalhead and massive Iron Maiden fan Nicos Livesey fulfills a personal dream by directing the video for the legendary heavy metal band's new single. The result is a blockbusting epic six-minute 2D and 3D animated video that imagines Belshazzar's Feast... aka The End of the World.

From the moment a mysterious gowned Samaritan tends to the last moments of a dying man in a parched desert, we are unmistakeably placed in a dystopian world ravaged by pollution and drought. Then the elite class begin to arrive for their exclusive party in the desert - including a fat, bloated US President and a bunch of faceless, bowler-hatted British civil servants...

But their dastardly rule of the Earth is about to come to an end. The gowned figure is none other than legendary Maiden mascot Eddie, who summons the Four Bikers of the Apocalypse to destroy the vampire who is feeding off the souls of the young, perpetuating the rule of the elite...

Derived from an original storyline from Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson, and storyboards by veteran Pixar artist Mark Andrews, Livesey and Blinkink then pulled out all the stops to bring the production to life - and this was eight months in the making.

The combination of 2D and 3D animation involved around sixty crew members, working across the globe in the UK, France, Spain, Norway, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Greece, USA, and Canada.

It's an epic take on Armageddon - which becomes the basis of a new beginning...


DirectorNicos Livesey
ProducerAlex Halley
Creative DirectorMark Andrews
Production CompanyBlinkink
Executive ProducerBart Yates
Creative DirectorElliot Dear
Head of Music VideoJosef Byrne
Production ManagerRosanna Morley
EditorSam Sneade
CommissionerSam Seager

Promonews - 19th July 2021

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