Rob Ulitski - 15th June 2021

Femi Ladi directs a thought-provoking promo for Guvna B and D Double E. 

The video for Very Original is shot in an impressive one-take, following both artists around a London housing estate as they perform in a continuous Steadicam shot.  

Created in support of Power The Fight UK - a charity which aims to empower communities to end youth violence - the visual has a gritty yet optimistic aesthetic, which ends with the pair transforming into a swarm of butterflies as local kids watch on from the rooftop.

The use of 35mm grain overlays and a slightly tinted grade adds a dreamy tinge to the visual, helping align the message with one of hope and progress. And the estate location is just as important, representing the aspiration and potential of the youth that live there. 

With the single Steadicam shot highlighting the terrific performances by Guvna B and D Double E, this is very impactful work from Femi Ladi and team.

PRO Credits


DirectorFemi Ladi
ProducerDijian Eccles
Production CompanySomesuch
Executive ProducerAndré Reid
Production ManagerAndre Wooz
Focus PullerOrlando Morris
2nd ACAida García Vega
Production CompanyDmnd Clr
SteadicamJayy Gomez
EditorZac Fox
VFXZac Fox
ColouristZac Fox
Other creditsSteadicam Op: Jayy Jaramillo Gomez Camera Trainee: Tailor Jordine PA: Dante Roberts BTS: Jason Brandford

Rob Ulitski - 15th June 2021

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