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Jorja Smith ft Shaybo 'Bussdown' by Fenn O'Meally

David Knight - 20th May 2021

Jorja Smith plays a cunning car mechanic, involved in a money-making wheeze with her co-star Shaybo, in the gritty and atmospheric video for Bussdown directed Fenn O'Meally - and filmed in Jorja's hometown in Walsall. 

If the sight of Jorja as a West Midlands car mechanic seems unlikely at first, O'Meally makes it work by drawing on various influences and sharp cinematic techniques from Hollywood heist movies, and also closer to home. Initially, it's Jorja who uses her charm to seriously overcharge customers at the auto repair garage. Shaybo observes on the CCTV, before they indulge in their taste for jewellry, as Jorja transforms out of her oily overalls into something more glamorous.

For a song which has an unhurried soulful tempo, O’Meally's command of the narrative, attention to detail and integration of the performances is exceptional. This is a very confident and stylish video by the director - also from the West Midlands - and a great platform for the performers who display their natural personalities and chemistry while inhabiting their fictional roles. The cinematography by Patrick Golan is perfect for providing the fusion of English kitchen sink grittiness and slick music video glamour. 

“Honestly, it's been a blessing working with an artist who is so driven, so hard working and so collaborative," says O'Meally. "I knew working with Jorja would be special - two Midlands girls, both who hustle their heart out, from very humble backgrounds, teaming up and showing up is always going to be special. And then Shaybo in the mix, crazyyyy talent... I am so grateful for the trust both artists gave me.”

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David Knight - 20th May 2021


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Fenn O’Meally
Cora Rodriguez
Production Company
Executive Producer
Patrick Milling Smith
Executive Producer
Brian Carmody
Executive Producer
Elizabeth Doonan


Director of Photography
Patrick Golan


Production designer
Max Randall


Fenn O’Meally


Jonny Thorpe


VFX Company
Face North


Production Supervisor
Luca Chapman

David Knight - 20th May 2021

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