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Lil Nas X 'Montero (Call Me By Your Name)' by Tanu Muino

Rob Ulitski - 1st Apr 2021

Tanu Muino directs a bold, innovative promo for Lil Nas X that has courted a whole heap of controversy - and not entirely for the reasons it intended. 

The video for Montero (Call Me By Your Name) is a tour de force of 3D art, larger than life set pieces and a truly mesmerising performance, and is presented with an important message of freedom from the trailblazing artist.

With it's huge CGI build and characterisation of Lil Nas in a number of roles, Muino has created an extraordinary fantasy world to showcase the artist's unapologetic attitude, with Paris-based Mathematic doing the heavy-lifting in terms of VFX work.

Nas starts on a journey, where he encounters various version of himself. Ultimately he descends from the heavens straight into Satan's lap, where he gives a sultry lapdance, all the while celebrating and embracing who he is - and blocking out the naysayers and haters.

The unintended controversy comes with the sequence of Nas's descent on a pole to Satan's lair, and its similarities to elements of FKA Twigs' Cellophane video by Andrew Thomas Huang. After a series of anguished posts on social media by Huang, Lil Nas X has now acknowledged the close similarity of the sequences in the two videos, in an Instagram post on March 30th, in which he describes Cellophane as a "masterpiece." 

i want to show love to @fkatwigs & @andrewthomashuang ! the “cellophane” visual is a masterpiece.i want to say thank u to twigs for calling me and informing me about the similarities between the two videos, as i was not aware they were so close. was only excited for the video to come out. i understand how hard you worked to bring this visual to life. you deserve so much more love and praise.

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Rob Ulitski - 1st Apr 2021


  • Hip Hop
  • Electropop
  • Surreal
  • VFX
  • 3D art
  • Poledance

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Tanu Muino
Marco De Molina
Production Company
Executive Producer
Frank Borin
Executive Producer
Ivanna Borin
1st AD
Braden Anderson


Director of Photography
Scott Cunningham
Focus Puller
Pergrin Jung
2nd AC
Vanessa Manlunas


Production designer
John Richoux


Director's Rep (UK)


Saul Levitz

Other credits

Lil Nas X Creative Director

Hodo Musa


Ignacio Martinez

Assoc. Producer

Roza March & Rain Zheng


Ashley Quarterman


Louis Del Guercio

Art Director

Cristina Bidagor


Enrique Urbina

Wardrobe Asst.

Asher Levine


Anthony Nguyen


Evanie Frausto

Hair Asst.

Samantha Lepre

Head FX

Laney Chantak

FX MakeUp Artists

Cat Paschen, Sasha Glasser, Miranda Jory


VFX Supervisor & Creative Director

Guillaume Cottet

VFX Supervisor

Emeric Samier

Producer & Owner

Guillaume Marien

Executive Producer

Rebecca Rice

Rob Ulitski - 1st Apr 2021

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