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DeBe 'Water' by Adam De Silva

Rob Ulitski - 23rd Mar 2021

Adam De Silva showcases his talents in his first foray into music videos, with Northampton-based grime artist DeBe.

The ultraviolent promo for Water opens with Steve, a sleazy record exec, attempting to coerce DeBe into signing a contract that will not benefit him.

The video proceeds to go on a visceral ride that takes viewers through various stages of the artist's anger and frustration, ending with a graphic scene where he turns the tables on Sleazy Steve.


With such limited resources, we had to be super efficient with every aspect of the craft.

"Having spent the past few years working solely on commercials, I wanted a chance to break out and create something that was solely my vision. With the commercial side of things slowing down a little due to COVID, myself and my DOP Josh Monie wanted to use our time productively and make the leap into music videos. What better way to do it than by helping independent artists who have been hit harder than most.

“I wanted the video to be both a comment on DeBe’s personal experiences (which he draws inspiration from in his lyrics), but also the general status quo of the grime scene at the moment. There are so many ’suits’ whom have little-to-no understanding of the scene but simply see it as a means to make some quick cash by exploiting young talents with deals that look great from the outside, but in reality are damaging for the artist. I hate seeing creatives getting ripped off or taken for a ride, so I wanted to shine a light on that.

“The video was an entirely self-funded project with a crew of just three - myself, long-term collaborator Josh Monie (who both produced and DP’d) and Millie Webb, our production assistant. With such limited resources, we had to be super efficient with every aspect of the craft. We called in favours where we could and got creative where we couldn’t.

"But all in all, I’m incredibly proud of the finished product and where we managed to take it. It was an all hands on-deck affair, but I feel the energy and the 'let's get shit done’ attitude that everyone brought to the project really shines through."

Rob Ulitski - 23rd Mar 2021


  • Comedy
  • Director's notes
  • New Director
  • Performance
  • Surreal
  • Grime
  • Violent
  • Graphic

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Adam De Silva
Josh Monie
Production Company
Explore Impossible


Director of Photography
Josh Monie


Millie Webb


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Explore Impossible


Grading company
Explore Impossible


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Explore Impossible

Other credits

Lighting Technician

Callum Wachowski

Stills Photography

Alex Potton

Snake Wrangler

Rachel Blackburn


Isus Calmellow

Rob Ulitski - 23rd Mar 2021

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