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Holly Humberstone 'Falling Asleep At The Wheel' (Live for The Late Late Show With James Corden) by Raja Virdi

Promonews - 8th Mar 2021

Raja Virdi directs another signature one-shot live performance video for his regular collaborator Holly Humberstone, this time for The Late Late Show With James Corden.

After previous their videos involving dramatic scenarios, in this one Holly is sitting in the middle of a road with her keyboard performing the song – until she's suddenly being carried off the tarmac and into the back of a people carrier by two unknown assailants... 



I suggested a low-mode Steadicam to handheld hand-off... I wasn't sure how possible it would be.

"Some of my favourite videos have come from the Holly Humberstone project. This live performance is no different. It was great to carry on the story that we've previously created around her music videos and her short performance film On The Run. I'm always looking to elevate my live performances and the inclusion of these storyline elements really enhances the visual. Holly is an undeniable talent and smashes the performance all whilst always singing and playing live.

"From a technical and shooting standpoint, I wanted the piece to feel more rough and raw when Holly gets grabbed and put into the vehicle, yet still have a smooth motion for the first two thirds. So I suggested a low-mode Steadicam to handheld hand-off - which seeing as I've not seen before, I wasn't sure how possible it would be. But huge props to my 1st AC Louis Vella for coming up with the solution and to my regular Steadi op Beau Pritchard-James for making it all seamless. It was lovely to share operating duties (in a complete one shot) with Beau after who knows how many shoots together.

"As always, a massive appreciation to my regular crew on this. My good friend and producer Joseph Goldman (and the entire production department), James Duffy who helped execute some beautiful lighting, Anthony Leung the live sound wizard, camera team; Louis, Charlie and Beau,. and my regular colourist Connor Coolbear at ETC for the gorgeous tones.

"Most of all, huge props to Holly for killing it on every take, and being a great collaborator and friend.”

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Promonews - 8th Mar 2021


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Joseph J Goldman
Production Company
Executive Producer
Production Manager
Hugo Holford
1st AD
Charlie Killick


Director of Photography
Focus Puller
Louis Vella
2nd AC
Charlie Tierney
Beau Pritchard James


James Duffy


Amy Holden-Brown
Emma Regan


Connor Coolbear
Colour grade company


Post Producer
Oliver Whitworth


Director's Representation


Josh Sanger
Deep End Management

Other credits


Josh Sanger, Raja Virdi & Holly Humberstone

Production Assistants

Sam Mines, Lucine Canel

Production Runners

Jonny Powell, Giulia Balsamo

Production Driver

Tara Sadeghi


Joss Garnet-Lawson, Sam Crook

Set Decorator

Jimmy Van Twest

Musical Director

Steve Durham

Sound Recording

Anthony Leung

Sound Recording Assistant

Ricky Barber

Sound Mixing

Lee Smith

Action Vehicle / Driver



Sweetness Catering

Special Thanks

Procam & Platoon

Promonews - 8th Mar 2021

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