David Knight - 7th Jan 2021

Kimberly Stuckwisch and Melora Donoghue have collaborated on the new video for Yusuf/Cat Stevens, and created a striking allegory to match the heartfelt message and simple clarity for which the legendary singer-songwriter is renowned.

In the video for On The Road To Find Out, a man walks through the desert, dragging a rock behind him, dotted with objects - his personal boulder. They are umbilically attached and the man's burden accumulates more items, whizzing through the air to attach themselves, as he struggles forward. And finally he cannot move at all. So there's only one thing for it...

With a strong performance by Viet Dang at the core of the piece, a dramatic location and a wonderfully elegant use of VFX, Stuckwisch and Donague have achieved something unusual and special - a fantasy with a gritty edge, and a splendid match for Yusuf's blues-influenced reflection on achieving spiritual enlightenment.


It’s a story of our ability to break free from these burdens and our will to find inner peace.

"The video is an allegory for humanity’s journey for self-discovery and the historical events, art, and music that have influenced life and culture. Through the video, we follow a man pulling a boulder that increasingly grows to represent these influences. It’s a story of our ability to break free from these burdens and our will to find inner peace.

"We filmed with a Covid-compliant producer with a crew of only 10 people. We used all-natural light, no generators or electricity and items from the boulder were donated for recycling."

PRO Credits


DirectorKimberly Stuckwisch
DirectorMelora Donoghue
ProducerIan Blair
Production CompanyInvisible Inc
Production ManagerChris Fish
Director of PhotographyTodd Banhazl
Art DirectorGrace Surnow
EditorJonathan Melin
ColouristDylan Hageman
VFXAndres Jaramillo
VFXLuke Snedecor
Lead actorViet Dang
Director's RepresentationOB Management

David Knight - 7th Jan 2021

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