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Art Of Algebra & Breezy Ideygoke 'Praying On A Gamble' by Mark JD Smyth

Rob Ulitski - 9th Nov 2020

Art of Algebra and Breezy iDeyGoke join forces in Mark JD Smyth's video for Praying On A Gamble.

The promo is a powerful examination of what it is like to grow-up in 90's Ireland, attending an all-Catholic school as a young Muslim. 

Featuring Breezy and actor Jayden Heavey - as a younger version of the artist - the video is a haunting and introspective journey, unravelling the emotional themes of the concept and meditating on the power of growth and reflection. 


This music video is about modern Ireland and celebrating our multicultural landscape.

“When I spoke with Breezy at the early stages of the project he talked about his experiences growing up in 90s Ireland, and in particular being of Muslim faith in an all-Catholic school. I had never thought about that perspective before and it sent my mind spiralling. How could we portray Breezy’s unique Irish journey? This music video is about modern Ireland and celebrating our multicultural landscape.

“I wanted to use mixed media formats to differentiate the timelines of Breezy’s life and make it feel genuine, adding texture and depth to the visuals. We ended up shooting part of the film in an old convent and it was an incredible setting for it to play out in. I was fascinated by the concept of Breezy meeting and competing with his younger self, the way I saw it he was always going to come out on top no matter what way the dice fell.”

Rob Ulitski - 9th Nov 2020


  • Director's notes
  • New Director
  • Narrative
  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • Reflection

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Mark Jd Smyth
Seamus Waters
Production Company
Bold Puppy
Executive Producer
David Hallinan


Director of Photography
Aidan Gault
Focus Puller
Karl Walsh


Lead actor
Jayden Heavey


Mark Jd Smyth


Eoghan Mckenna

Rob Ulitski - 9th Nov 2020

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