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Katy J Pearson 'Something Real' by Jamie Thraves

David Knight - 19th Oct 2020

Jamie Thraves shows the benefit of reaching out directly to artists you admire with this charming video for Bristol-based singer-songwriter Katy J Pearson.

Shot around Bristol with a small crew - including DoP Catherine Derry - featuring simple performance set-ups of Pearson and her band, and some apposite goofing around, Thraves's video for Something Real harks back to the early 'pre-music video' era of the pop promo.

It's rather like a Beatles performance sequence from Help! - and that has to be a good thing.


I don't always get to work with artists I listen to - so I've started reaching out.

"I reached out to the brilliant Katy J Pearson on Insta after hearing Take Back The Radio on Radio 6, I really love that song, very Stevie Nicks/Kate Bush, super upbeat and happy. I didn't expect to hear from Katy but she got back to me pretty fast. Before I knew it we were shooting her next video for Something Real in Bristol.

"We had a crew of four: me, the uber-talented Catherine Derry as DOP (Robbie Ryan asked Catherine to cover for him on Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank, high praise indeed ), the very calm, cool and collected Louis Catlett for IT/playback, and Tom Jacobs as runner/comedian (also an up and coming talented director). We had a lot of fun. Budget was ultra low, the skeleton crew was the only way we could do it, we even managed to pay ourselves something in the process.

"I've been directing music videos for over twenty years and while I've been fortunate to work with many amazing bands with songs that I've loved I don't always get to work with artists I personally listen to - this is why I've started reaching out. I approached the sublime singer Ren Harvieu in the same way, via Insta, and the same thing happened - ended up shooting her next video Strange Thing soon after I first made contact.

"With such small crews and hardly any budget you are very limited of course, but that's what makes the work so exciting. My old boss from my Oil Factory days, the brilliant John Stewart (the nicest man in the business) used to have this quote on the wall of his office: 'the absence of limitations is the enemy of art'. I've always loved that quote because, well, it's true."

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David Knight - 19th Oct 2020


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Jamie Thraves
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Jack Lightfoot, Carrie Sutton, Seren Carys And Tyla Johnson, Alfie Tyson-Brown, Robbie Kessell, Matt Buckingham, Molly Shields, Teddy The Dog and Laurie Nankivell.

David Knight - 19th Oct 2020

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