Rob Ulitski - 9th Oct 2020

InHibit self-directs the introspective video for The Quest, assisted by producers Litchi + Scratchy. 

Not much is known about the enigmatic English-Belgian artist, aside from a short bio on social media: "Who hides behind this face marred by criss-crossing scars?"

The theatrical, dramatic elements of his persona are carried into the video, where Inhibit is shown interacting with strangers on the street, disguised by a mask. Exploring the idea that no-one wants the real you, and it's easier for people to accept a fake (but less authentic) version of your personality, the video builds to a crescendo of sorrow, anger and yearning, setting up a bigger story to come. 

The slow reveal of the artist's name, cut into the skin on his back, is an introduction and statement of intent - Inhibit is taking a wildly different perspective to his visual output, and it will be exciting to see how this builds alongside his music.


ProducerLitchi & Scratchy
Art DirectorInhibit

Rob Ulitski - 9th Oct 2020

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