Rob Ulitski - 30th Sept 2020

HRVY is replicated into a vintage four-piece band in Moon's promo for Good Vibes. 

Inspired by the legendary likes of the Jacksons, The Pips and The Osmonds, Good Vibes observes the final rehearsal before a live performance of a very special 70’s band... The HRVY Four.

Complying with social distancing guidelines, director Moon and DoP Francis Lane opted for layered motion control to turn one popstar into many, in a feelgood video that showcases the British pop sensation's multifaceted talents. 


“We had to keep numbers low on set, especially when it came to the artist. So it was a challenge to find a way to make something that matched up to the song. I guess I just asked myself the question, how can I fill the room with characters and energy without having lots of people close by for 12 hours?

"Motion control came to mind because we could have two cameras on remote tracks repeating the same movement every take. Then all we had to do was get HRVY to dress up as each character and perform in set spots on the stage, interacting with himself to the storyboard we’d made.

"Get a clean take of the dancers on the podiums and a clean of members of crew in the room. All filmed separately and then lay all the takes over each other in post and we had a packed 70’s set. It was really fun to see it all come together but I couldn’t eat on the shoot day. If anyone even moved the track a millimetre it was game over as the layers wouldn’t have lined up. I still get shivers thinking about that now.”

PRO Credits


ProducerStuart Hall
Production CompanyDiagonal View
Production ManagerCharlotte Armer
1st ADSamuel Barnham
Director of PhotographyFrancis Lane
Focus PullerLouis Vella
2nd ACAsia Kilgallon
GafferAmir Moulfi
Art DirectorNiina Topp
WardrobeLauren Miller
Make-upJess Kell
EditorZac Fox
ColouristZac Fox
VFXZac Fox
Director's RepresentationOB Management
CommissionerJames Hackett
Motion controlJustin Pentecost
Other creditsRigger: Russell Hall

Rob Ulitski - 30th Sept 2020

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