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Hotel Lux 'Ballad Of You & I' by Kris R

David Knight - 23rd Sept 2020

A couple - played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Gzi Wisdom - take a day trip to the seaside in their vintage Citroën, in Kris R's breezy video for South London band Hotel Lux.

Things start happily, then get sketchy between the young lovers as the unreliable Citroën fails them. It's a suitably relaxed but believable tale of the pair's ups, downs and reconciliation during the course of a day, captured with lo-fi charm by real couple Brodie Sangster (best known for his role in The Maze Runner films) and model/influencer Wisdom, director and DoP Jed Darlington-Roberts. The band's beach-set performance of Ballad Of You and I hits the right note too.   


Knowing who our cast was going to be, I wanted to create a relatable portrait of how a relationship can work.

"We shot this as the lockdown restrictions were just starting to be lifted and honestly it just felt great to be out there and doing something creative again. The band were friends with Gzi and Thomas who had already agreed to be a part of it months earlier, so it was very much like 'let’s get out and shoot something as soon as we can'.

"The track is so British and so honest. Knowing already who our cast was going to be, I wanted to create a relatable portrait of how a relationship can work. Lockdown put a lot of stress on couples' relationships, so I wanted to create the feeling of them being forced to be alone together for a long time.

"We spent the whole budget on film stock as it just felt right for the concept. So it was vital that the surroundings and weather could offer us the suitable bleak backdrop, for no cost. Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex was perfect as we could capture the idea of no other sign of civilisation, to keep the sole focus on them."

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David Knight - 23rd Sept 2020


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Tom Ashton
Production Company
Ratpig Productions
Production Company


Director of Photography
Jed Darlington-Roberts


Lead actor
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Lead actor
Gzi Wisdom

David Knight - 23rd Sept 2020

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