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Biffy Clyro 'Space' by Joe Connor

Rob Ulitski - 24th Aug 2020

Joe Connor directs a wet and wonderful promo for Biffy Clyro's Space. 

Sitting in a car under thunderous downpours, vocalist Simon Neil is lost in thought alongside his partner, played by Jasmine Chiu. Moving from the vehicle into a black infinity studio space, the pair dive into passionate choreography as the unrelenting rain soaks them through. 

Starting as a minimalist dance concept, the video moves into deep water as Neil and Chiu finds themselves submerged, their movements strikingly graceful and poetic. 

DoP Ruben Woodin Dechamps contrasts the warm glow of the headlights and lamp with cool, icey blues, representing the fluctuating emotions and abstract energy of the concept. 


It was just a pleasure to dream a little and do something silly again. 

"This was honestly a wonder job. When I said I wanted to flood a studio and make it rain gallons of water onto Simon while dancing, I didn't expect that it would be supported by so many creative individuals who all brought their A game to this project.

"I could wax lyrical about the metaphors and themes of the video but I think after so long away from a set it's far more interesting to talk about the people who made this all happen: from Alexa, Jennifer Ivory, Dom and Nathan for trusting me with this brief, to Simon and Jasmine for giving it their all when dancing in freezing cold water. Steven Hoggett for bringing the most perfect approach and method to the choreography. The dream team of Rubin and Luke who translated what was in my mind perfectly in both design and cinematography. The styling is impeccable by Robbie, the grade has all the magic of a George K grade and it was all kept on time by the hero that is Chris Kelly and co-producer Andrew Rawson. Finally to EP/Producer Fred Bonham Carter, the guy just makes this stuff effortless, a king amongst men.

"After so long without making anything with scope, scale and wonder it was just a pleasure to dream a little and do something silly again with these humans."

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Rob Ulitski - 24th Aug 2020


  • Choreography
  • Dance
  • Performance
  • Alternative Rock
  • Water

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Production Company
Executive Producer
Alexa Haywood
1st AD
Chris Kelly


Director of Photography
Ruben Woodin Dechamps
2nd AC
Tanmoye Khan
Focus Puller
Richard Savage
Andrew Bainbridge


Pete Bishop


Lead actor
Jasmine Chiu


George K


Post production company
Post Producer
Jade Denne


Director's Representation

Other credits


Tiger Brewer & Rodrigo Pacheco

Underwater Camera

Zac Macaulay

Underwater Assistant

Zoe Masters

Camera Trainee

Luca Parasiliti-Holt

Underwater Gaffer

Neil Blackman


Steven Hoggett

Art Director

Luke Moran-Morris

Action Vehicle Supervisor

Matthew Weekes




Robbie Canale

Artist Groomer

Eliot McQueen

Cast Hair & Makeup

Jess Summer

Rob Ulitski - 24th Aug 2020

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