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Major Lazer ft. Marcus Mumford 'Lay Your Head On Me' by Filip Nilsson

Rob Ulitski - 24th Apr 2020

The world comes together to celebrate movement and music in Filip Nilsson's video for Major Lazer and Marcus Mumford.

For the project, Nilsson curated user-generated clips from 28 countries, with only one instruction- "Do your best. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Be yourself. We like you as you are.”

Nilsson and his team enlisted renowned choreographer Ryan Heffington to devise the dance routine. "We then uploaded a video tutorial to 'shoot bibles' we created - one for dancers, one for musicians - and distributed to talent we’d found online or through casting agents," explains Object & Animal executive producer Dom Thomas. 

As a result, the team received a mind-boggling 1000 clips from 28 countries. Filip then directed Marcus Mumford - already a dab hand at self-shooting from his own lockdown video for You'll Never Walk Alone - via Skype. Then in Sweden, Andreas Arvidsson worked with Nilsson to edit the bank of footage, using just over 100 clips and never repeating an individual - with the exception of Mumford. 

The resulting crowd-sourced visual is simple and stripped-back, yet full of energy, character, diversity, and hope. It's an uplifting thing, a testament to our society's collaborative nature and ability to create moments of joy in the most unusual of circumstances.


The response was way more than could have been expected.

“When we started working with this simple idea over a month ago COVID-19 had just started to get a grip of the world. During these weeks we have seen tapes from people all over the world. The response was way more than could have been expected, and it was amazing to see the different interpretations of what we requested from people.

"It’s so touching that all these people took the time to learn the dance routine or to play the music in such a short amount of time. The positivity and honest love they shared is something I really wanted to come through in this video.”

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Rob Ulitski - 24th Apr 2020


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Filip Nilsson
Alex Chamberlain
Production Company
Executive Producer
Dom Thomas
Production Manager
Tom O’Driscoll


Stylist (Artist)
Evan Simonitsch


Ryan Heffington


Andreas Arvidsson
Georg Bungard


Peter Oppersdorff


Post production company
Post Producer
Grace Thorpe


Audio Post

Rob Ulitski - 24th Apr 2020

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