Rob Ulitski - 2nd Mar 2020

Taisia Deeva explores the battle lines between religion and freedom of expression in the dramatic video for Lithuanian DJ/producer Dynoro. 

Shot in Ukraine, the visual introduces a young guy - played by Eugene Kaprelov - who has bright pink hair, is covered in tattoos and wears a DIY graffiti print jacket. In stark contrast to the traditional architecture and dress code of the locals, Kaprelov is rebellious and audacious, and lives life against the grain. 

It is revealed that his father is a local priest and Kaprelov was once on the way to follow in his footsteps, and the resulting conflict becomes evident and plays out in dramatic fashion. DoP Vadim Ilkov utilises juxtaposition to build upon this theme - the cold minimalism of the bedroom against the overwhelming cacophony of architecture outside, the palatial church set against dozens of dull tower blocks. These opposites represent the push-pull nature of society as a whole, where tolerance is always fighting against hate and outdated world views.

Incidentally, when Zver was presented to Sony Music Russia, it was made clear that it could not be shown in the territory, as it would violate Russian criminal law (Article 148 - Violation of Right to Freedom of Conscience and Religion) so Sony had to geoblock the video on all the platforms to avoid possible prosecution.


DirectorTaisia Deeva
ProducerKarina Tateosyan
Production CompanyLimelite
Director of PhotographyVadim Ilkov
LabelSony Music

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Mar 2020

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