Rob Ulitski - 28th Feb 2020

Do we need a big, throwback Lady Gaga anthem and a suitably bonkers video right now? Stupid question. Of course we do.

In Daniel Askill’s hypnotic new video for Stupid Love, Gaga goes intergalactic, heading up the Kindness Punks, who are out to fight for peace in a rotting world destroyed by hatred. Gaga plays the Queen of Kindness and also her darker alter-ego in a set of colourful dance routines, that start big and just get bigger. 

Over the top? It certainly is, and all the better for it. The vibrant costumes and frenetic dance breaks are a breath of fresh air, and Gaga gives it everything, like a proper trouper. 

Paying homage to several of her older videos, most noticeably Judas and Born This Way, Nicola Formichetti’s fashion styling and direction is centre-stage throughout, boasting hot pink alien headgear, extraterrestrial tree people and an abundant use of latex.

Shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro (with some tweaks and finishing in post, of course), DP Sebastian Wintero captures the alien desert rave in vivid colour, cleverly bypassing the iPhone format’s limitations by focusing on simple movements, and allowing the composition and performance to create the energy on-screen.

It's a whirlwind of futurism and nostalgia – and an exciting introduction to Gaga's sixth studio album. 

PRO Credits


DirectorDaniel Askill
Creative DirectorNicola Formichetti
Production CompanySerial Pictures
ChoreographerRichy Jackson
Director of PhotographySebastian Wintero
EditorLorin Askill
Other creditsFashion Direction: Nicola Formichetti

Rob Ulitski - 28th Feb 2020

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