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Tim Burgess 'Empathy For The Devil' by AB/CD/CD

David Knight - 14th Feb 2020

Camille Dauteuille and Clément Dozier - aka AB/CD/CD - return to music videos with a real bobby dazzler for indie vet Tim Burgess's Empathy For The Devil.

And as the songtitle suggests, this provides an intriguing twist on our usual take on The Horned One, in an ambitious narrative featuring Charlie Cattrall as a mischievous but surprisingly mortal Beelzebub.

This particular Devil, somehow called up to Earth by a bride on her wedding day, and causing a right royal ruckus at her party, is an attention seeker with some underlying behavioural issues. Burgess provides a watchful eye over him, as we find out about the unhappiness behind his naughtiness, and his true role is revealed. This devil is a whipping boy for human frustration and frailty - and Burgess is able to show him sympathy, and possibly empathy too.

Produced and shot in Belgium, photographed by DoP Sander Vandenbroucke (in 1.666 ratio), this freewheeling comic fantasy works really well with the jaunty folk-rock of Empathy Of The Devil. And with their background in conceptual, visual effects-based work, it also serves notice that AB/CD/CD have come of age as exciting  storytellers.


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David Knight - 14th Feb 2020


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Jelle Robbeets
Thomas Landeloos
Production Company
Executive Producer
Jason Felstaed
Executive Producer
Ruben Goots
Production Manager
Pim Verhaert
1st AD
Malko Van Den Borre


Director of Photography
Sander Vandenbroucke


Kristof Collier


Lead actor
Charlie Cattral


Elodie Rassel
Editing company
Editors, Paris


Sylvain Canaux


Post production company
Saint Louis Post House


Director's Representation


Anika Mottershaw
Bella Union

Other credits


Nicolas Savary

Focus Puller

Krispijn Tant

2nd Assistant Camera

Jan Giesen

Best Boy Lights

Tim Janssens

Key Grip

Benjamin Speyer

Best Boy Grip

Lester Otten


Déborah La Sala

Art Director

Beatriz Arteaga

Art Director Assistant

Ladys Oliveira Silva

Set Dresser

Marthe Hespel

Special FX Technician

Toon Sintobin / Sparks FX

SFX Make Up Design

Rob Hillenbrink / Rob’s Prop Shop

SFX Make Up

Sarah Roman

SFX Make Up Assistant

Laetitia De Neve

SFX Make Up Assistant

François-Noé Flament

SFX Make Up Assistant

Johanna Cool

Wardrobe Stylist

Eveline Briand

Wardrobe Stylist Assistant

Joë Snacken

Location Manager

Johan Van Eeckhoudt

Location Assistant

Nore Sanders

Animal Handler

Cindy Van Kelecom

Night Guard

Djema Rorck

Storyboard & Character Design

Maxime Carnevale

Assistant Editor

Erwan Quelme

Sound Design Studio


Sound Engineer

Christophe Colson

Sound Engineer Assistant

Pauline Facon

Casting Director

Louis Pons / Le Quartier

Location Scout

Dimitri Horlait

Location Scout

Ilaria Pittaluga

Camera Rental

Thomas Stoefs / Lucky Camera’s

Lighting Rental

Bert Reyskens / Spots Unlimited

Grip Rental

Benjamin Speyer

Car Handler

Nostalgic Cars


Peter Vanroelen / 5ième Element

Special Thanks

Didier Cardolle / L’Excelsior Jette, Pierre-Paul Verstappen / Collège Saint-Pierre Uccle, Philippe Vercauteren & Robert / Black Buddah Bxl, Veronique Dhanis & Philippe Duboullay, Royal Pizza Delacroix, Paintball Atrium Mortis, Maxime Carnevale, Linda Attab, Laurence Lelong / La Pac, Mia Louison, Anne-Laure


Starring Charlie Cattral As The Devil

Tim Burgess



Louise Buysschaert


Aswin Babu


Jean-Claude Doppe (DJ Saucisse)

Extra Wedding Attendees

Pascal Hutsebaut, Khalid El Ualid, Olivier Chapusette, Sonny Vandeuren, Raphaël Mostrey, Gerrit Wouters, Michele Draye, Jacqueline Planché, Luk Van Malder, Ruben Brackman, Fabio Marchig, Alyce Sevink, Andy Malysse, Ghislain Melsens, Jessica Ceuppens, Johan Van Eeckhoudt, Nore Sanders, Jeroen Willems

Kid Devil

Emiel Devel

Little Girl

Hanne Jacobs

Extra Kids

Matteo Marivoet, Lars Godrie, Wolf Ceunen, Senna Van Pollaert, Iro De Wilde, Gus Van Pelt, Flo Van Pelt, Zuri Bukuru, Lieselore Verbeke, Ilian Van Den Bosch, Amy Quick, Marie Marescou, Lenka Devel, Aminala Sarr

Female Worshippers

Livia Perneel, Estelle Clerbaux, Katrien Pairoux

Homeless Men

Daniel Thielemans, Guy De Staercke, Stephane Baudry

David Knight - 14th Feb 2020

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