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Kano ft Popcaan 'Can’t Hold We Down' by Harry Barber & Kano

Promonews - 4th Dec 2019

The two-part film, co-directed by Harry Barber and Kano, explores the London rapper’s Jamaican heritage and influences, and culminates in the most humble but important of gatherings - the coming together of friends to eat and drink.

In this fly-on-the-wall-style documentary, the first part of the film serves as a prelude to the actual video for Kano's collaboration with Jamaican superstar Popcaan on Can't Hold We Down. Kano discusses his numerous trips to Jamaica since childhood, before he heads down to favourite East London shops with his mum to prepare for the feast - where they are joined by Popcaan, just arrived from Jamaica. 

In Part 2 of the film, we are back at Kano's mum's place, and the documentary dovetails smoothly into the music video. As Kano and Popcaan perform, dinner is cooked and served to friends, family and these legends of grime and dancehall. But not before mum blesses the table. 


"Kano and Popcaan had previously linked up in Jamaica where Popcaan had invited Kano into his family home and cooked for him. So when Popcaan returned to London Kano wanted to repay the favour. Kane had the idea that he’d have a family gathering where him and Popcaan would do the cooking. The beautiful thing about it all was the total doing away with any sort of status or stardom vibes. It was about family, blood or not, and it was genuinely humbling to watch the day unfold.

"Not only was there a wicked family vibe throughout the day, but both Kano and Popcaan are keen cooks which made for some healthy culinary competition. Something which I think all of the guests appreciated."

Promonews - 4th Dec 2019


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Harry Barber
Amalia Rosen-Rawlings
Production Company
Executive Producer
Rob Wildsmith
Production Manager
Ed Melech


Director of Photography
Aaron Adrian Rogers
Focus Puller
Ali Baines


Matt Cronin


Simone Grattarola
Colour grade company
Time Based Arts


Sam Seager

Other credits

Sound Recordist

Michal Kuligowski


Wale Raji, Aidan Scott

Promonews - 4th Dec 2019

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