Rob Ulitski - 14th Aug 2019

Frozen moments capture an instance of unknown trauma in Isaac Ravishankara's super video for Active Child.

“At its core All Eyes On You, is a devotional piece for companionship," says Active Child about the song. "A testament to one's sacrifice in the pursuit of love, even if becomes unhealthy. There’s a beauty in the submission of self to someone else in hopes of creating a pure partnership in life.”

The camerawork is the star of the show in Ravishankara's take on the song, with long, fluid takes that feel like an out of body experience. The camera explores the space around our characters, as they are stuck in freeze-frame in different situations. The visual effects work here is seamless, and the slow unravelling of the narrative fits perfectly with the stylistic cinematography choices.

Performers Reshma Gajjar and Larkin Poynton are both very strong, and you will struggle to take your eyes off of them as you start to hypothesise about what could be going on. It's a question that you might still be left with at the end, but this project is ripe for repeat viewings, so you have more than enough opportunity to think of your own theories. 

PRO Credits


DirectorIsaac Ravishankara
ProducerLeah Younesi
Production CompanyDivision7
Production ServicesReprobates
Executive ProducerDoug Klinger
Director of PhotographyKai Saul
Make-upMonique Paredes
ColouristGreg Reese
Grading companya52
Director's Rep (US)Reprobates
Director's Rep (UK)OB Management
LabelSony Music
Lead actorReshma Gajjar
Lead actorLarkin Poynton

Rob Ulitski - 14th Aug 2019

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