David Knight - 29th July 2019

It's all sweetness and light in Kemba's world, as he makes his way to work at the diner every day. Only thing is, black men are always getting arrested...

Describing his video as 'Get Out meets Groundhog Day', Tomson Tee has created a brilliantly chilling satire on race relations in the USA, for Nobody I Can Trust.

Kemba plays an initially happy-go-lucky worker in an aggressively retro-Americana suburb. We witness a loop of the same three scenes that make up his day-to-day routine. And each day it starts with a different African-American person getting arrested, on Kemba's walk to work. 

And as more and more black men get locked away by increasingly aggressive cops, Kemba begins to notice the town’s attitude toward him shifting eerily, the mood in the diner changing. Things start to get ugly.

Tomson Tee's crucial eye for detail serves the narrative so well, using a style employed by B movies and TV shows from the 50s and 60s, and building a surreal nightmare that feels increasingly plausible.

Entirely plausible in fact, as the truth about the rise of racism in Trump's America is repeatedly borne out by events. 


Focus PullerBrian Hall
DirectorTomson Tee
Production CompanyGhost Robot
Executive ProducerMark De Pace
Executive ProducerZach Mortensen
Production ManagerSkyler Tapley
1st ADCarlos Zozaya
Director of PhotographyCory Fraiman-lott
ProducerNadine Lübbeling
GafferLaura Hilliard
Art DirectorJay Laforest
WardrobeMarc Anthony George
Make-upJade Stanton
EditorTomson Tee
ColouristMary Perrino
LabelRepublic Records
Other creditsCast: Melvin Mogoli, Chalan Cunningham, Jake Parisse, Elliot “lee" Cowart, Mikey Cris, Skye Volkening-Jeffrey, Charli Ouda, Mino Jones, Derrick T. Lewis, David Ventura, Trent Cox, Taylor Owens

David Knight - 29th July 2019

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