Ned Botwood - 22nd July 2019

Au/Ra surrenders to a pool of sickly sweet medicine, in this achingly sad chamber piece by Theo Davies.

The singer’s hyperreal aesthetic finds a perfect match in DoP Oliver Ford. The gossamer visual was graded in nuclear tones by upcoming colourist Jonny Thorpe, a regular Sophia Ray collaborator who set the tone on Au/Ra’s last visual, Emoji.


I drank a whole bottle of Calpol when I was a kid, obviously because it was delicious. I was rushed to hospital.

"Medicine was such a fun video to make - I can't believe they let me do it! The song is so tender and helpless with these big raises of panicky emotion and desperate repeated words. It felt like it this needed to be a slow film that allowed for a strong performance and a constant raising jeopardy throughout.

"The artist had said from the off that if the medicine was to be visualised, it would be like children's pink cough syrup. I loved the simplicity of making the film all about that syrup and so wrote the idea of her simply drowning her in the sickly sweet medicine."

"I drank a whole bottle of Calpol when I was a kid, obviously because it was delicious. But I was rushed to hospital, obviously because thats really bad for you. So I like to think that influenced the idea a little. I wanted to make the film feel helpless and uncomfortable. Like you could feel the claustrophobic and unrelenting nature of being trapped and drowned in help."

"Jamie (Au/Ra) was incredible. She worked so hard to keep herself in good spirits, but it was a really hard day being trapped in a tank of think pink fluid."


DirectorTheo Davies
ProducerAlice Gilfillan
Production CompanyPavilion Works
Executive ProducerMorgan Faverty
1st ADTom Turner
Director of PhotographyOliver Ford
Focus PullerAli Baines
2nd ACJosh Tilley
GafferElliot Beach
WardrobeJaime Jarvis
HairNicole Kahlani
Make-upLucy Thomas
EditorTheo Davies
ColouristJonny Thorpe
Grading companyGlasssworks
CommissionerElizabeth Doonan
Other creditsCamera Trainee: Callum Lloyd-James DIT: Ashley Hicks Grip: Reece Hearnshaw Sparks: Nick Tomb & Callum Crisell Rigger: Steve Daly SFX: Paul Mann @ Machine Shop Kit: Take2 / Panalux

Ned Botwood - 22nd July 2019

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