Rob Ulitski - 13th July 2019

It's homage galore in the new video for Antisocial, directed by Dave Meyers, and if you've ever wanted to see Ed Sheeran in Day of the Dead makeup, your dreams have just come true.

Shot in a series of short, self-contained vignettes, there are references to Pulp Fiction, Edward Scissorhands, The Mask, and even Björk's Army Of Me - featuring a very Gondry-esque dentist scene. And somehow it all works together.

The video is completely batshit crazy, and most importantly, unforgettable. There are very few artists who could be this comfortable and confident being so goofy, and Meyers does an outstanding job with Sheeran and Scott, never letting either of them lose whichever quirky character they are playing. 

PRO Credits


DirectorDave Meyers
Costume designerVerity May Lane
Production designerGregg Shoulder

Rob Ulitski - 13th July 2019

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