Ned Botwood - 10th July 2019

"I'm terribly sorry, I appear to have lost an eye!" A man tries to ignore his crumbling body in Jamie Gyngell shlocky narrative video for Beach Baby.

The man starts to fall apart - literally. He can’t even order breakfast without disgracing himself, vomiting some very nasty looking black goop down his front. Haunted by a band of silk-shirted ghouls, he tries to find a way back to normal life. But after losing his teeth in the sink and finding one in the bathtub, he realises he is damned to life in a silk-shirt of his own, in the purgatorial “limbo lounge”.

There is something about rock and roll and Video Nasties. Misty Miller, Jamie T, King Krule and Wolf Alice have all had an '80s horror moment. But Gyngell's visual, shot entirely on Super 8mm, looks like it really could be part of the pulpy genre it pays tribute to. A distant cousin of The Evil Dead, or its madder cousins - with titles like Nudisty Colony of the Dead and A Polish Vampire in Burbank.

PRO Credits


DirectorJamie Gyngell
ProducerArchie Johnston Stewart
Production CompanyHoi Polloi Media Ltd
Executive ProducerPete Shuttleworth
Director of PhotographyTommi Terminet
Make-upEmma Trachtenberg
EditorCharlie Von Rotberg
Editing companyHomespun
ColouristJack McGinity
Grading companyCHEAT
LabelMolten Keys
LabelAwal (kobalt Music)
Lead actorDavid Shields
Other credits

Ned Botwood - 10th July 2019

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