Ned Botwood - 1st July 2019

A SNAFU of FYRE Festival proportions is saved at the last minute by director Max Siedentopf, who steps cheerily into Sigrid's role. Ironically, an apparent logistical cockup has made Mine Right Now a unique, winsome oddity, a tribute to teamwork and can-do optimism.

Siedentopf, who is beginning to attract fans of his own, is endlessly memeable. If you have time, the YouTube comments section below his video is a treasure trove of #relatable jokes. The director explains his difficult situation below:

"I’m very excited to share the latest music video I directed for the incredible pop artist Sigrid. However, this is not the video I was planning to shoot. We spent over a month preparing for the shoot which was supposed to be in the mountains of Bulgaria. We built all kinds of wonderful sets, however, the night before the shoot we found out that Sigrid wasn’t going to make it to the shoot due to several delayed and cancelled flights. A crew of over 40 people were left ready to shoot but with no artist to film. We could’ve decided to call it a day and just go home, but instead I was forced to take on the role of Sigrid and play her throughout the entire video. A funny irony as I usually come up with ideas but never have to play them myself.

"As you can imagine, everything is out of sync and my dance moves are so awkward they make you cringe, and my biggest fear is singing in public - you’ll never see me doing Karaoke! However that wasn’t the only thing that went wrong, during the shoot we had big weather storms, our sets collapsed, we got chased from the mountain by park rangers, there was a serial killer on the loose in the area, my dog passed away and much more. The shoot quickly turned into the FYRE festival of music videos but we decided to just keep on going and make a video for Sigrid. Big thanks goes out to my amazing team who all had the nerves, patience and humour to go through with this. I hope you enjoy it."

PRO Credits


DirectorMax Siedentopf
ProducerKate Brady
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
Executive ProducerNatalie Arnett
1st ADDave Calland
Director of PhotographyCezary Zacharewicz
Art DirectorOian Arteta
WardrobeTaff Williamson
Make-upGabriella Floyd
EditorPaul O’reilly
Editing companyHomespun
ColouristSimon Bourne
Post production companyFramestore
Director's RepresentationJoceline Gabriel
CommissionerLaura Clayton
LabelIsland Records
Sound designFactory

Ned Botwood - 1st July 2019

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