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Flohio 'Hell Bent' by Duncan Loudon

Ned Botwood - 30th June 2019

Duncan Loudon directs an unnerving, bare-bones cut for his latest collaboration with Flohio.

This is Loudon’s fourth video for Flohio. Together, they’ve developed a very specific brand of tense minimalism, based on distortion and subverting editing expectations. Bandage was dizzying. Wild Yout featured some creepy-crawly camera glitches. 10 More Rounds was a great example, which felt like a thriller masquerading as a freestyle. The video oozed suspense and menace, with barely a reference to anything out of the ordinary.

The South London MC takes centre stage once again in this video, but this time she slides in and out of radial distortion. This gives her a strange, gaunt appearance. In this distorted form, her movements seem uncannily inhuman. This, the multiplication of her form, deep red and crow-like distortions conjure the spectre of witchcraft.

When, at the end of the track, she gets up and approaches the camera, this reviewer jumped in his seat.

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Ned Botwood - 30th June 2019


  • Performance
  • VFX
  • Hip Hop
  • Grime

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Duncan Loudon
Chloe Slattery
Alex Chamberlain
Production Company


Director of Photography
Deepa Keshvala


Carmen Pellon Brussosa


Duncan Loudon

Ned Botwood - 30th June 2019

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