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Andreya Triana 'Broke' by Claire Pinegar

David Knight - 12th Mar 2019

Claire Pinegar’s video for Andreya Triana dramatises the subject of the song Broke - the second single from her upcoming album Life in Colour - written about a time in her life where the strength from those around her helped her get by and come out the other side.

Starring Isis Davis and Oria-Sola Adewuyi, the video serves as an intimate window into Andreya’s memory of growing up with her Mum. With not much else but each other to keep them going, the closeness of their relationship paints out any unhappy memories of when they were living on the breadline.


"I wanted that blissful ignorance to come through in the video, with little Andreya having very little clue of any negativity of their situation. However, I also felt it was important not to underplay the huge burden that financial worries can bring on us, especially with kids to look after. I wanted to show what an amazing job parents can do from shielding their kids from harsh realities and so it is only in the odd moment we catch mum alone, the gravity of her worries become clear. Whenever they’re together, their bond and her daughters spirit makes it momentarily melt away.

"To subtly move between the tiredness, heartbreak and anxiety of Mum’s responsibilities and the joy of being wrapped up in each others love was really key to me. The song is full of optimism, so I wanted to bring that through whilst maintaining a sense of realism. I wanted it to feel like the highs and lows of any ordinary day in their world.

"It was important to me to keep Andreya’s performance in that same world to connect it to her own experiences. I wanted to keep it downplayed yet give her personality and confidence as an adult, the space to come through - almost like a thanks to her Mum for making her into the woman she is today. (Her Mum also makes a cameo on the fridge at the end.)

"Colour was also really important to both me and Andryea. As well as complimenting the soul of the new album, I wanted to move away from the idea that poverty has to mean grey and colourless. I wanted the pops of colour to highlight the selectiveness of our memories of childhood - in this case the happy ones."

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David Knight - 12th Mar 2019


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Claire Pinegar
Eno Enefiok
Production Company
Executive Producer
Hayley Williams
1st AD
Joe Starrs


Director of Photography
Pete Emery
Focus Puller
Marcia Sousa
2nd AC
Guy Swycher


Tom Nowell


Hair & Make-up
Yasmina Bentaieb


Lead actor
Isis Davis
Lead actor
Oria-Sola Adewuyi


James Bradley


Alexandre Nerzic
Colour grade company
Big Buoy


Post production company
Post Producer
Eno Enefiok


Hi-tea Records

David Knight - 12th Mar 2019

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