David Knight - 12th Nov 2018

Finn Keenan takes the traditional comedy dance video and twists it into a surprisingly dark place with his video for MK.

It all starts innocently enough, with a family guy making a sandwich in a revved-up quick edit style, like a normal high-energy music vid - until we realise that this quick-cut, looping, 'being in a music video' behaviour is actually a condition he has, in an otherwise normal world. And that's a terrible strain for his poor wife, desperate to find a cure for his most-upsetting ailment...


"I wanted to make a video people could really relate to. We’ve all come home to find our partners in the kitchen stuck in a dancing loop, or had to pick them up from the office because they’ve started floating. So I suppose at its core this is a video about relationships and the struggles we go through maintaining healthy ones. That, and sandwiches."

Watch 'MK 'Back And Forth' by Finn Keenan ' here

PRO Credits


Make-upSophie Knox
DirectorFinn Keenan
Executive ProducerNatalie Arnett
1st ADJeff Doyle
Director of PhotographyEoin McLoughlin
GafferKevin Fox
ProducerKate Brady
EditorFinn Keenan
ColouristPhil Hambi
Post production companyMPC London
Post ProducerGrace Thorpe
CommissionerDan Millar
Other creditsService Producer - John McKeown Focus Puller - Greg McGuiness Set Design- Noelle Slacke

David Knight - 12th Nov 2018

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