Promonews - 23rd May 2018

Joseph Delaney explores the world of Techno Goth - an subversive London club scene celebrating self-expression in fetishwear to a soundtrack of industrial noise - in this illuminating short doc. 

Part of Nowness’ ongoing series on underground scenes around the globe, Delaney's film bears witness to this tribe dressed in latex and Moschino gimp masks, featuring performances from dance noise duo Naked and DJ Judith Klempner.

It also features voice overs from some major techno goth icons – Lee Adams, Yang Li and Lewis Burton - revealing that the ethos of the Techno-Goth culture is to be non-judgemental, and therefore far less intimidating than it may seem from the outside looking in.

Watch ''Techno Goth' by Joseph Delaney' here

PRO Credits


DirectorJoseph Delaney
ProducerJoel Spencer
Production CompanyLEZ Creative
Executive ProducerMary Calderwood
Production AssistantAgathe Chapman
Director of PhotographyArthur Loveday
GafferYan Murawski
WardrobeMatt King
HairSarah Palmer
Make-upMona Leanne
EditorChris Hutchings
Editing companyCut+Run
ColouristMarkus Lundqvist
Other creditsSpark: Jack Kenyon Makeup Assistants: Sophie Davina, Megumi Sano, Maeve Mcelholm Styling Assistant: Danielle Goldman, Hannah Heathrington Hair Assistants: Rachel Barlett, Kerry September  Casting: Chloe Rosolek Performance: Judith Klempner, Naked, Al/ice/ex Donaghy Music: Samuel Kerridge – "Paint It Black", Naked – "Unleash Me" And "Blade", Schwefelgelb – “Fokus” Voice Over: Lee Adams, Lewis Burton, Yang Li

Promonews - 23rd May 2018

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