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Sean Paul & Major Lazer 'Tip Pon It' by Alexandre Courtès

David Knight - 23rd Apr 2018

As we know, making music videos beats proper working for a living. But it's also tough – really tough if no-one informed you the artist, and his entourage of twerking girls, are all 30 feet tall.

Alex Courtès's latest video explores this unlikely scenario and its remarkable consequences in his new video for Sean Paul and Major Lazer. And the director also plays himself - or a long-suffering hangdog version of himself – with aplomb. He has the air of a man who's seen it all, suffered much, but has never quite seen this.

The video was achieved with a combination of post and practical effects, with Sean and his posse given the VFX treatment at Machine Molle in Paris.

It's rare for a video to work as straightahead commercial pop video, and satirical comedy on the process - and the storyboard shot will make you laugh or cry, and possibly both - but this definitely has its cake and eats it.

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David Knight - 23rd Apr 2018


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Alex Courtès
Théo Gall
Production Company
1st AD
Daniel Dittman


Director of Photography
Simon Chaudoir


Adriana Legay


Post production company
Machine Molle


Line Producer
Benoit Roques

David Knight - 23rd Apr 2018

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