David Knight - 4th Apr 2018

Simon Owens' latest video for Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor is another low budget delight, all about Alexis's wandering eyes. But it's okay, they only have eyes for each other.

In Oh Baby (from the new solo album coming soon on Domino Records) Alexis's peepers leave his face and go on a jaunt around town, bobbing along together, possibly in search for a new face. 

Owens explains: "It's all about a pair of eyes that can’t bear to be apart, who take absurd positions and generally give each other [the] eye…"

Watch 'Alexis Taylor 'Oh Baby' by Simon Owens' here

PRO Credits


DirectorSimon Owens
ProducerSimon Owens
Director of PhotographyDenzil Armour Brown
Camera AssistantRosie Taylor
GafferSeb Barnett
GripSid Jones
DITAshley Hicks
PuppeteerOliver Smart
PuppeteerSteph Elgersma
Puppet DesignArtem
EditorJulian Eguiguren
PostAndré Dias
PostGerry Lindfield
Post production companyRoisin Oblong Productions
ColouristJax Harney
Grading companyCHEAT
Other creditsRunners: Joe Redmen, Michelle Amosu, Blue Laybourne Camera And Lighting: Pixipixel Special thanks: Laura Holmes Productions, Mark Pawson for location. inky blackness

David Knight - 4th Apr 2018

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