David Knight - 30th Nov 2017

Joe Connor's video for Sam Smith starts on stage at the London Palladium. But this begins where the public performance ends.

The video for One Last Song reflects the intimacy of the message by having Smith perform it as he's walking backstage through this iconic London theatre in a near one shot. A bravura, wonderfully choreographed piece, in which Connor has Britain's premier pop balladeer ending up on the roof - and somewhere else entirely.


"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sam on this video. This artist, 35mm, one shot and in the London Palladium – sounds about right for an artist on top of his game!

"The cast and crew on this job were incredibly special and I feel privileged to work with essentially a who's who on this crew list. Each person brought spirit, creativity and energy to what was a gruelling day. 

"The concept came from the idea that every night Sam will sing these songs to audiences which are undoubtedly personal stories, so really the performativity of this song for me happens off stage, when the performer reflects on the songs just sung and the emotions that instigated them. I also think Sam is one of the only artists around where you don't need to cut! He can carry a shot and keep it alive as proven throughout his career so I wanted to keep that tradition alive."

PRO Credits


DirectorJoe Connor
ProducerPeter Lee Scott
Production CompanyChief Productions
Executive ProducerColin Offland
Production ManagerBarbara Nanna
1st ADChris Kelly
Director of PhotographyPatrick Meller
Focus PullerRobert Gilmour
SteadicamJulian Morson
GripTom Stansfield
ChoreographerSuzette Brissett
Art DirectorLuke Moran-Morris
StylistVerity May Lane
Hair & Make-upMartin McLean
HairPaul Edmonds
Stylist (Artist)Helen Oke
GafferFreddie Bonfanti
Director's RepresentationAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK
CommissionerJohn Moule

David Knight - 30th Nov 2017

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